Model of the System of Information for the Traffic Management of Unmanned Aircraft Systems


The traffic management of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) can be successful only if the data are available in order to determine the actual and future position of the vehicles. With these data the operations of UAVs can be suit to the conventional airspace users. Data generated by the different users groups and the information management operations of the traffic management systems are contribute to the increase of the safe operations of the whole air transportation system. Necessary data for the processes can be identified by the functional modeling of the UAV usage. Since modeling and analysis of particularly complex systems requires different techniques depending on the application purposes new methods have been introduced in order to facilitate the integration intentions. The elaborated model – which was created by the identification of the UAV related activities and its data needs contain the detailed data structure – provides the basis for the establishment of complex content provider systems which can manage information regarding the UAV usage jointly moreover it supports the operations of the management system. By the application of the system the availability of the necessary data in a unique and standardized format for the safe operations can be provided.

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