Volume 1, Issue 1

From the Managing Editor: Dr. Andrew Shepherd

Welcome to this first edition of the Journal of Unmanned Aerial Systems. The purpose of this inaugural edition is to inform the broader public about the mission, vision, and organizing principles of the Journal. Additionally, it provides an outlet for first articles accepted for publication by the Publishing Board. Some might question if another peer-reviewed journal is needed given the number of quality publications already in existence. However, based on our survey of those publications, their missions, and major areas of focus we felt that there was a gap specifically related to UAS that this Journal can address. Two key attributes of the Journal are that it is, and will remain, an online and open-source resource, meant to provide easy access at no cost to those with an interest in UAS no matter to which stakeholder group they belong.

We have been honored to receive the support of leading experts from academia, industry, and government serving in roles on the Publishing Board, Editorial Board, and as Reviewers. The depth of experience and knowledge offered by these volunteers is astonishing and we are grateful that they freely contribute their time to ensure the quality of the publication. We also continue to accept applications for Reviewer positions from those wishing to share their expertise, talents, and time.

We believe that this Journal will provide a public forum in which new ideas can be shared, concepts tested, and knowledge recorded. Please join us as we launch the Journal by submitting your own work, encouraging peers and students to contribute, and spreading the word about this new resource for the UAS community.

Andrew D. Shepherd, PhD – Managing Editor
Director, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Sinclair Community College